Making of the Spirit Boot

Timeless, modern and effortless.

Chic clean lines, a classic almond toe, grounding block heel, buttery soft leather and meticulous detail at every curve. The Spirit Boot is your go-to, classic-meets-modern, wear-with-everything ankle bootie. The heels are carefully sculpted to create our signature ridge design and then moulded to provide the perfect shape, comfort and stability. Stefano cuts and wraps each pair of customized heels by hand. Our leather is also cut by hand, which is a traditional process that ensures a more controlled and accurate cutting process. Joanna places the pattern pieces strategically to follow precise lines and to minimize waste.

The insole is applied by hand and the boots are then lasted - a specialized process where the leather upper is expertly stretched over the mould into the correct position. Luciano oversees this process, ensuring each pair is correctly positioned and remains in position for several days before removing from the last. The natural suede soles are skived and applied to the upper, followed by our signature block heels  - a role that requires precise, patient and experienced hands. Enzo has a wealth of experience and passion for customized heels - he applies each by hand and finishes by inspecting the lines and proportions of every pair.